Monarda punctata

Spotted beebalm (Monarda punctata) Lamiaceae (Mint Family) horsemint

Identification: perenial, Dr Seuss like flowers.Rosettes of yellowish, purple-spotted, tubular flowers occur in whorls, forming a dense, elongated spike at the end of the stem with whitish, purple-tinged, leaf-like bracts between on a square stem. Dry sandy conditions April - Aug. sun/ drought tolerant. Grows in large clumps.

Taste/impression - Aromatic (smell/feel of perfume in your mouth), oregano or citrus. All Lamiaceae including monarda have the benefit of having both stimulating and relaxing/sedating both warming and cooling - break a sweat, lower a fever, or calm inflammation and ease pain

Fun/ interesting facts: one of the primary healing plants native to North America and has long been used as a primary medicine by Native Americans. After The Boston Tea Rebellion, colonists blended home brews called “Liberty Teas” created from orchard fruits, native and garden plants such as monarda, goldenrod, chamomile, and spicebush.

Nervine - calming and mood lifter for anxiety, restlessness, mild to seasonal depression, much like lemon balm.

Cooling irritated membranes while also eliminating infection.

taking internal heat from the body, including  UTI with symptoms of severe burning and inflammation. Monarda will help cool the irritated membranes while also eliminating the infection.

Antimicrobial - resists and fights mold

Antioxidant - resist aging

Anti-bacterial - septic sore throat

Antiviral - cold and flu prevention

Anti-inflammatory - relieve swelling, reduces irritation

antiseptic - eliminates infection

Antifungal - systemic candida, yeast infections, thrush, impetigo, ringworm.

Early stages of yeast infection from taking hold.

anesthetic - eases pain of wounds, sprains, bruises, burns, rashes

Diaphoretic - sweat inducing

Active constituent in Oregano Oil - Thymol (terpene) & Carvacrol - (terpenoid phenol). Both Thymol and Carvacrol used in the medical industry as bacterial infection fighters and enhance the effectiveness of antibiotics against resistant strainse.coli, salmonella, and Staph.

External: foot soak/ linament rub - Cool - sore tired feet, Warm - improve poor circulation.

Reproductive tonic - Moontime comfort rubbing oil - combine with mugwort tea or alcohol extract/tincture - given as a gift to young women to regulate and improve cycles. It has also been employed traditionally to bring on delayed menses.  

Cool irritated membranes while also eliminating infection. Move internal heat outward -

UTI with severe burning and inflammation.

Beneficial insects - bees, wasps, butterflies, and hummingbirds

Steam Herb inhalation & yoni steam

Infused oil - antimicrobial salve with yarrow.

Infused honey - cold, flu, mold allergy, cough, throat relief

Cold water steep ease backache;

Tea - used for fever, inflammation and chills.

Aromatic in saunas, ceremonial fires and smudges

Snuff with Blue Lotus and Moringa.

Contraindications: Due to its stimulating effect on the uterus and its blood-moving characteristics, monarda should not be taken by women who are pregnant.


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