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Our mission at Priya Herbals is to provide natural health and healing in the midst of rising health care and pharmaceutical costs. All of our small batches are consciously sourced, ethically harvested & mindfully prepared using only the best quality ingredients with the highest of intentions. 

plant-based living, mind & body stretching, barefoot mama

Leesalyn has been digging in the earth, climbing trees and communing with nature sprites for over four decades. As a bioregional herbalist, she incorporates local plants into formulas as they are seasonally available and encourages folks of all ages to become stewards of the Earth - befriending plant allies in their own backyard.

Current projects

Priya Herbals - herbalist, founder

Samadhi Yoga Retreat - permaculture, food garden, herb walks, yoga & meditation

Starbright Preschool Waldorf/ Lifeways inspired teacher - yoga, gardening, & cooking

Kerrville Folk Festival/ Cureville - crew leader, holistic healing & alternative first aid.

Jacob Allen Arbor/ Dr Gersmith - yurt design & fabrication

RestPit - peer to peer support & harm reduction